eMoney Solutions Ltd.

a houselhold name in the financial inclusion field

Anyone, Anytime, Anywere, Anyhow eMoney Solutions meets most of the consumers’ needs in terms of transactional services at every stage of their progression along the financial inclusion roadmap, by featuring a variety of channels and payment means.

eMoney is a Fintech start up offering financial inclusion services in Africa. Such as Mobile wallet, Bill payment, Found collections and Branchless solutions.

eMoney Mobile Wallet is offered to the end consumer as a means to post transactions against an electronic money account maintained on the eMoney platform.  The account is the consumer’s phone number. The wallet is an android application which requires a data connection (GPRS, Wifi, 3G, etc.) to the server. Several banks in west and central Africa are partnering with eMoney Solutions

eMoney Solutions key figures :
500 billions transactions since the launch. More than 20 banks, Microfinances and post offices in Africa are using this solution

Competitive advantages
By using this tailored solution some post offices as gain more market shares in money transfert market. Regarding Microfinances, eMoney solutions allow them to collect loan reimbursement in rural areas and cities. This solution is a branchless opportunities for microfinances.

Name CEO: Hervé Issiack Tairou
Company founded in: 2011
Country: Mauritius
Website: www.emoney-solutions.com (under construction)
Category: Payments & Transfers


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