EasyEquities/ SatrixNOW

It's never been easier to invest.

As the entry-level investment platform in the Purple Group, EasyEquities offers fun, friendly, cheap and easy access to equities and ETFs listed on the JSE. There's no minimum investment, no monthly fees and the lowest trading costs in the market (investors pay only 64c per R100 invested).

Satrix and EasyEquities have the same endgame in mind – to deliver a slick, easy-to-use investing platform. That’s why they partnered with EasyEquities in the rollout of SatrixNOW. Satrix is a leading provider of index-tracking investment products in South Africa with more than R50 billion in assets under management invested in a wide range of retail and institutional offerings. They offer both unit trusts and exchange traded funds (ETFs). Fractional share rights (FSRs), which is unique to EasyEquities, provides investors with a solution to invest in fractions of shares through a contractual claim. This enables the investor to participate in the economic benefits and risks associated with share ownership (price movements and dividends) and only excludes voting rights for the particular portion or fraction. Investors can now invest into higher unit price stocks, even if they don’t have the money to buy a full share. There is also a tax-free investment offering on the EasyEquities platform. A range of informational material is available to assist anyone from the novice investor looking to buy shares in a specific brand, to the more seasoned, technically oriented investor who wants to make decisions based on available data.

Name CEO: EasyEquities CEO: Charles H Savage / SatrixNOW CEO: Helena Conradie
Company founded in: 2013
Country: South Africa
Website: https://www.easyequities.co.za/ & https://www.satrixnow.co.za/
Twitter: @EasyEquities and/or @SATRIX_SA
Category: InvestTech


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