We enable businesses all over Africa accept cashless payments from Cards, Mobile money, Online banking and so many more

DusuPay loves the internet so we are building infrastructure to help businesses accept payments over the internet. We understand that the businesses we love needs to keep making money to keep providing the services we love so we work with businesses to help them accept payments through our API's Directly on there websites.

We enable Internet businesses accept payments from their clients anywhere in the world using the methods thier clients love to pay with. So whether your client is in China, Denmark, Zambia, Kenya, Brazil or anywhere else in the world, Dusupay can process the payment and get the funds to any bank account or mobile money wallet.

Global businesses need to understand that barely 10% of Africa use cards. Telecom networks have become the major providers of financial services through Mobile money networks like Safaricoms MPESA, MTN mobile money, Airtel money. The issue with them is they are so many and for you to work with them, you must have an entity in the country of operation

Dusupay's value proposition is; we know you need to accept payments from your clients from the continent. Since we have done most of the ground work integrating with most of the mobile money networks, it would make more sense to work with us as a partner rather than each of the over 60 telecoms providing mobile money all over the continent. We work with businesses all over the world and deliver funds to any validated bank account globally

Name CEO: Ntende Kenneth
Company founded in: 2015
Country: United Kingdom
Website: www.dusupay.com
Twitter: @dusupay
Category: Payments & Transfers


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